Cleaning an Antique Rustic Metal Bed Frames

Rustic metal bed frames – Antique furniture is a valuable investment, and should be properly cared for. Often owners of antique bed frames hiring professional restoration companies to refinish their antiques. Hiring a professional is recommended if you are at all unsure of your ability to complete the job. But with the right tools and careful driving, you can get the job done without the expense of paying someone else to do it. Before you start your project, make sure that you are dealing with solid metal and not a metal-plated frame.

Instructions to cleaning antique rustic metal bed frames: Remove existing paint from the surface of the bed frame. Using paint stripper to expose the metal surface under the topcoat. Apply paint stripper with a brush. Allow the solvent to soak in according to the manufacturer’s instructions, usually five to ten minutes. Use steel wool to remove softened paint. Run steel wool of antique rustic metal bed frame in a circular motion. Remove all traces of paint remover with wet rags.

Wonderful Rustic Metal Bed Frames

Polish rustic metal bed with good quality polish. Simi chrome designed for use on brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, tin, chromium, sterling, copper and stainless steel. Continue to rub the polish until all traces of tarnish or discoloration removed. Buff bed frame to a brilliant shine with clean, dry rags. Apply quality car wax to metal antique rustic metal bed frames. Several coats of wax would be best to maintain and preserve polish for longer periods of time.

Picture Gallery of the Cleaning an Antique Rustic Metal Bed Frames

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