DIY Headboard for Rustic King Bed Frame

Rustic king bed frame – To make a rustic style headboard for a king-size bed, start with a paneled back that you can decorate with natural, rustic elements. Cut a panel of plywood to fit the space behind your king-size bed. Apply a coat of paint to the side and all edges of the plywood panel. Turn the end over and apply a layer of the same material on the opposite side and on the edges.

Cut the dried vines or thin, dried branches of the headboard for rustic king bed frame. Place the plywood face up on a flat surface. Repeat Cut the dried vines or thin again to attach all the branches in the face of the headboard. Cover wood with knots, or place them sporadically and randomly. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry. Run a stud finder along the wall until it shows it has found the wall studs behind the bed.

Rustic King Bed Frame Wooden

Attach the two wall hangers on the wall with screws and a screwdriver. Each wall hangers should be fastened to a wall stud. Attach the hook part of the two wall hangers on the back of the headboard spread across the width of the hangers on the wall studs. Hang rustic headboard of rustic king bed frame on the wall hangers.

Picture Gallery of the DIY Headboard for Rustic King Bed Frame

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