How to Modern Upholstered Bed

Modern upholstered bed – A bed that slides around on the floor can be irritating, unsafe and harmful to your floors. Some bed frames are made with non removable wheels that easily glides over hard flooring, even if casters are in the braking mode. Sliding furniture is especially a problem on wooden or laminate flooring, as the base of a piece such as a bed can scratch and damage the floors when moving around. There are three easy-to-sand method to stop the bed from sliding on one floor with items you may already have in your home.

Move the modern upholstered bed and place an area rug that is slightly larger than the dimensions of the bed in his place. Choose a rug with a slightly plush pile to create the most resistance under the bed feet. To return the bed to its previous position.

The Modern Upholstered Bed

Attach a set of tire chains furniture feet to the bottom of each corner of the bed frame. Furniture feet come in a variety of sizes for different types of furniture and can be purchased at hardware stores, furniture stores and DIY improvement. Cut four sections of heavy rubberized shelf liner it’s the thick, squishy things, not the thin blades which is slightly larger than the feet or wheels on modern upholstered bed. Slide a part of the liner under each foot.

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