How to Rustic Wooden Bed Frames

Rustic wooden bed frames – Make your own rustic bed, you can create a unique real furniture that reflects your taste and your efforts, and are a good alternative to an overpriced store-bought rustic bed. Decide on the size and design of your bed. For example, typically measures king-size bed 76 inches long by 80 inches wide. Many rustic beds feature natural, aged or distressed wood, so get creative on materials preparation and potential designs of your new bed.

Start with the rustic wooden bed frames. Position four posts on your chosen level at appropriate locations. That the two positions in the headboard several inches higher than the step to create a more dramatic effect. Line up your platform boards to ensure that they fit into the frame. Adjust post location, so you do not have to end up trimming a board. Attach the two posts, will face the wall by nailing two duly cut 2-by-4s in the form of an X, with a board nailed to the inside and on the outside. Do the same on the opposite end.

Best Rustic Wooden Bed Frames

Make the frame by placing four 2-by-4 boards of your chosen length runs between the four positions. You can place boards on top of the posts to create a rustic wooden bed frames, or place them several inches lower, leaving the desired amount of space for the rails to go.

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