Installing Rustic Bed Frames

Rustic bed frames supporting a box spring and mattress. It raises the box spring so that it is not located directly on the floor. Rustic bed frames can be fitted with wheels or small wheels so you can roll the bed to different locations as needed. Assembly varies depending on the type of bed frame. A standard metal frame for a full sized bed consists of two articulated mounts that you need to connect. You can assemble and install a rustic bed frames without tools.


Rustic Star Bed Frames

Add the two articulated frame brackets on the floor. Set them lengthwise and parallel to each other, wheels down, about 6 meters apart. Orienting the brackets so that the two ends with end attachment are opposite each other. Pull adjacent crossbars from each console to a 90-degree angle. When you have drawn all the adjacent crossbars out, they will form a rectangle with the main frame brackets.

Join two cross beams farthest from the gable garnishment. Insert the metal tab on the side of one of the cross members through the groove on the other. Pull the cross members to secure them in place. Join two crossbars closest to end mounting for the same process. The connected frame so that the end with end attachments line with headboards you intend to use, if any. This completes the process of installing rustic bed frames.

Picture Gallery of the Installing Rustic Bed Frames

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