Keep Warm with Rustic Queen Bed Frame

Rustic queen bed frame – Rustic cottage bed ideas include the bedding and linen you wear on the beds as well as the actual beds. Handmade quilts are a way to make your bedding with the rustic cabin theme. Cover the beds with flannel sheets, which keep warm at night you and your guests and cover them with the comforter. See local antique shops, or shops selling bedspreads made by local artists.

Machine-made fabrics are usually cheaper than handmade quilts, but have a similar look; if you are multi-room equipment or have a small budget, choose the machine-made. You can also use a duvet and hang a folded blanket at the foot of the rustic queen bed frame.

Wooden Rustic Queen Bed Frame

The headboard in your bed is almost always visible, even if you use a lot of pillows or stacking the pillows against the headboard. Choosing a rustic queen bed frame style headboard, or even making your own, follows the cabin theme. Look for headers made from real logs or made headers and shape resembling logs. Headboards made from old doors or salvaged wood are another way to incorporate the theme of your bedroom. Each gouge, knot and imperfection of wood adds character and style to your bedroom.

Picture Gallery of the Keep Warm with Rustic Queen Bed Frame

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