Metal Modern Queen Bed Frame

Modern queen bed – Most metal queen-size bed frames are also twin-size and full size. The only difference is that the metal frame comes with special extenders that make double / full bed frame in a queen-size frame. They are relatively easy to assemble, but if you’re not careful, you can crush your fingers and get cuts or scrapes. Assembling a metal bed frame is better left to an adult with the right tools.

How to assemble a metal modern queen bed frame; attach the headboard bracket for shoulder rivets at the end of the side rails. Attach the headboard brackets by passing a bolt through each of the two holes between the bracket and rivets. Slide an end cap on the end of each side rail. The end cap will protect the metal from tearing up your sheets or cut you if you graze against it hard enough. Swivel the two transverse arms on each side rail to make a 90 degree angle. Put the two side rails on the ground parallel to each other.

White Modern Queen Bed

After that to assemble a metal modern queen bed frame, insert the cross support between the side rails in the center; look for a hole on each side rail where the cross support will attach. Line up the holes on the cross support and the side rails. Place a bolt in each hole. Set gliders or wheels that came with your bed. Set pointing downward bed frame legs into the hole on each slider and gravity will ensure slider on the leg. For wheel, insert the plastic plug into each frame leg and then put a wheel in each plastic plugs.

Picture Gallery of the Metal Modern Queen Bed Frame

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