Using a Queen Headboard with a Rustic King Bed

Rustic king bed – A king-size bed is 76 inches wide, while a queen-size bed is 60 inches long. Therefore, a queen headboard is about 16 inches narrower than a king headboard. Nevertheless, with creativity and some time at home improvement center, you can make the queen headboard work with a king-size bed. In fact, most modern steel bed frames accommodate both queen and king-size bed.

Remove the headboard of the queen bed. Measure the width of the headboard and compare the width of your rustic king bed frame. The difference in width must be compensated using wooden posts to the ends of the headboard or intermittent along the face of the board. Each headboard is different. Determine how you want to use the posts to make up the difference in width. Cut the post to a desired length that complements the height of the existing queen bed.

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Using a queen headboard with a rustic king bed, drill three pilot holes in each of the posts and the ends of the headboard, and ensure that these pilot holes line up between the headboard and abutted post. With the entry and adjacent headboard, screw and lower the lag screws or drill appropriate holes with a diameter of cam fastener system. If you use knots, install and tighten the knots. Add buds or caps to the ends of the posts, and paint or stain the headboard to create a uniform color and finish of the piece. When the finish is dried, attach the bed frame to the headboard.

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